Partnering with our community to improve quality of life and promote responsible citizenship.

Our Community

We are located in the Commonwealth of Virginia and are a proud member of the Hampton Roads community for the past decade.

We partner with local government entities, non-profit groups, and its residents to improve the quality of life and provide opportunities that promote health, welfare, education, safety, and responsible citizenship.

We are active participants with various community organizations, serving on advisory boards, offering hands-on volunteering, and making yearly monetary contributions.

We recognize the importance of our involvement in our community for the betterment of our country and forging a prosperous future for all.


Portsmouth Police Department
236 Clearfield Avenue, Suite 216
Virginia Beach, VA 23462-1893
757-605-9100 Phone 
757-605-9105  Facsimile
844-605-9100 Toll-Free
Technical Support         
757-605-9110 Help Desk
Mid Atlantic Region (VA, NC, WV, MD)
757-605-9100 William P. Harrell
South East Region (FL, GA, SC)
407-734-2220 Trisha Bulger